March 2013
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Leading Comments
Leading Comments
Mark McCaslin
Welcome to another great issue of the Integral Leadership Review. What makes this issue so useful are the abundant quality contributions from so many springing from a broad spectrum of issues and opportunities surrounding the notion of Integral Leadership. I am quite sure you will agree once you experience the rich array of coaching tips, […]
Leadership Coaching Tips
Improving Meeting Effectiveness with Exercises to Engage Presence and Creativity
Kirstin McGuire
Kirstin McGuire Meeting. Say the word and you are likely to see a lot of eyes rolling and faces cringing. People think, “Ugh! Another unproductive hour of my life that I can never get back.” Like them or not, meetings are a necessity for getting business done, but sadly, the vast majority are a complete […]
Fresh Perspective
Relationship Required – Moving through No-Joy and the Ouch Factor – A Conversation with Mark McCaslin
Walker Karraa
Walker Karraa Earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark McCaslin and discuss the Potentiating Arts™, integral leadership, and what he sees for the future of the Integral Leadership Review. Walker: How do you feel about the idea of sharing some of the stories that have been, that you’ve shared with […]
A Voice of Labor: An Exploration with Diane Krauthamer, Editor, Industrial Worker
Russ Volckmann
Russ Volckmann Russ: I would like to welcome Diane Krauthamer, who has been involved in the labor movement for many years. We talk a lot about management and leadership and international development in organizations, NGOs, businesses and the like. But I think areas that we have severely neglected is the whole area of labor unions […]
Integral Politics – A Conversation with Terry Patten
Russ Volckmann
Russ Volckmann Russ: I’d like to introduce Terry Patten who is well known in the Integral Community for his work of many years. He is now based in San Francisco. Is that right Terry? Terry: Yes. I live just North of San Francisco in Fairfax in Marin County. Russ: For people who may not know […]
Integral North: Teaching to Potential
Mark McCaslin
Creativity, Empowerment, Inspiration and other Acts of Human Courage Mark McCaslin …the isolation that prevails everywhere… has not fully developed, not reached its limit yet. For every one strives to keep his individuality as apart as possible, wishes to secure the greatest possible fullness of life for himself; but meantime all his efforts result not […]
The Master Code and Integral Politics in Polarized America
Don Beck
Don E. Beck Regardless of your own political views, memetic codes, or location on the intensity spectrum (from flame thrower to pragmatic) you must be both concerned and confused as to the current issues in Washington DC. While the words “stalemate, “crazy,” “polarized and soaked with acrimony,” define the condition, it appears the huge gaps […]
Integral Design Leadership
Lisa Norton
STEM to STEAM: Negative Capability in Service to Empowered Creative Participation Lisa Norton At once it struck me, what quality went to form a Man of Achievement, especially in literature, and which Shakespeare possessed so enormously–I mean Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties. Mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching […]
Transdisciplinary Reflections: It’s the End of the World as We Know It
Alfonso Montuori
Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, and the Creative (R)evolution. Alfonso Montuori When the Going Gets Weird… When historians look back on the beginning of the 21st century, and around 2008, I believe they will view it as a time of great historical significance. We are in a “postnormal age,” according to the British futurist Zia Sardar, a […]
Feature Articles
Spiritual Intelligence and Integral Leadership
Alla Ratner
Alla Ratner Alla Ratner  Introduction After 20 years in a successful leadership career, I experienced a loss of meaning. I felt locked into a dense isolation where going through one more day seemed intolerable. I was not aware that there could be a spiritual malady behind my professional and personal crisis. Spirituality was not a […]
Living, Learning, and Leading within the Integral Space: Energizing Integral Leadership through Experiential Learning
Mark McCaslin and Jason Flora
Mark McCaslin and Jason Flora There is an important relationship at work concerning integral leadership and the notion of the leader in a teaching and learning role. Integral leadership positions itself at the intersections of potential and therefore seeks the ability to use multiple approaches, multiple lenses, and to fashion the wide-reaching theoretical aims of […]
Transformation in Leadership, Part 1: A Developmental Study of Warren Buffett
Edward Kelly
Edward J. Kelly Abstract The following is a summary of my developmental research on Warren Buffett. The study concludes that Warren Buffett has gone through seven transformations in leadership and that his character development is largely responsible for his success as a leader. Introduction I first became actively interested in Warren Buffett in 1995 having […]
Beyond Complexity
Eric Storm and Beth Meredith
Eric Storm and Beth Meredith It is common wisdom that leaders today must grapple with increasing amounts of complexity. This seems inevitable given our access to ever more information and our expanding awareness of and the connections between psychological, social, organizational, and technological factors. This is particularly true for integral leaders who are actively developing […]
Professor V.V. Nalimov: A Man Who Surpassed His Time
Svetlana Maltseva
Transformation of Consciousness and New Reality  Svetlana Maltseva The present article introduces Professor Vasiliy Vasilievich Nalimov, a Russian mathematician and philosopher, whose ideas and concepts, regarding human consciousness, are both exciting and provocative. Nalimov’s profound scientific works showed the world that our society needs to see far beyond our time dimension to change the situation […]
Leadership Is a Lived Story: A Call for Radical Embodiment and Soul Resilience in Transformational Leadership Development
Carol Burbank
Carol Burbank Abstract: The most direct way of developing the necessary flexibility and health for transformational leadership is through radically embodied presence. This kind of embodiment involves a fundamental reintegration of body, mind and spirit, involves developing evolutionary strengths that allow individual leaders to fully access their inner resources while connecting in the moment-to-moment, negotiated […]
Intention, Direction, Action: Inspiring Integral Leadership Through Process-oriented, Imagery-based Learning
Dorit Netzer
Dorit Netzer Abstract Drawing on humanistic and transpersonal psychologies and phenomenological theories of the imagination, this paper seeks to contribute to the development of theories and practices at the intersection of transpersonal, transformative adult education and integral leadership, particularly by advancing the Metagogy model of teaching and learning, as recently outlined by McCaslin and Scott. […]
Open Source Leadership Knowledge – Enabling ‘Good Leadership for All’
Kuldip Reyatt Stephen Goveia Kathryn Johnson and Arthur Jue
Kuldip Reyatt, Stephen Goveia, Kathryn Johnson, and Arthur Jue In this thought piece, key challenges for the global leadership field/industry are highlighted, some of which, are also raised by others – notably, Barbara Kellerman (see endnotes for ILR links). Now is the right time to put forward thoughts about Good Leadership for All, ideas about […]
Notes from the Field
Building a Village Community
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald Nearly a year ago, one of the online Integral forums put out a request for case studies covering organisations where Spiral Dynamics Integral or the Integral lens had made a measurable difference to a project outcome. No sector or geographical boundaries.  It became very clear to me, in reading the subsequent threads, that […]
Basarab Nicolescu Is Already 70 Years Old.
Magda Stavinschi
Basarab Nicolescu is already 70 years old. Those who know him can hardly believe it.  So young, so full of energy, at 70? To understand this exceptional case we should get to know him more closely. This is what we tried to achieve in the past few months through many essays, sessions, articles and works, […]
Tim Winton’s Pattern Dynamics™ Workshops in USA and Canada, January/February 2013
David MacLeod Trevor Malkinson Alia Aurami and Marilyn Hamilton
David MacLeod, Trevor Malkinson, Alia Aurami, and Marilyn Hamilton There was an evening workshop in Bellingham, WA, USA, the evening of January 29, 2013, and a one-day workshop in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on February 2, 2013. Notes from David MacLeod on the Bellingham Workshop PatternDynamics ™ is the brainchild of Tim Winton, who developed the […]
What Next Conference: Integrating the Future
Michael Stern
 Michael Stern Hooray! The world did not end on December 21, 2012, and thus I had the privilege of attending the What Next conference and ringing in the New Year with the international integral tribe. I spent five days at the lovely Omni Interlocken Resort with around 400 incredibly smart, loving, passionate people. The conference […]
Integral Theory meets Arab Spring – German Foreign Ministry Funds a Binational Integral Training for Young Potential Leaders
Adrian Wagner Evronia Azer and Anna-Charlotte Lipp
Adrian Wagner, Evronia Azer and Anna-Charlotte Lipp In the Autumn 2012 an integral encounter of a special kind took place: 20 young potential leaders who are involved in projects of different kinds aiming to shape their political and civil societies in their own countries – Egypt and Germany – met for the first time. This […]
Center For Human Emergence – USA (CHE-USA)
Center For Human Emergence – USA (CHE-USA) Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) – Educational and Human Resources In the Dr. Donald E. Beck lineage – CHE-USA Executive Director – Tom Christensen (under construction) 1243 Jenifer, Madison, WI 53703 Ofc 608-255-4242   Skype  tomc1243 Given all of the years we have been writing and publishing about […]
Leadership Emerging
David K. Hurst, The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World
David K. Hurst. The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World. New York: Columbia Business School Publishing, 2012. David Hurst gets it. Apparently not directly influenced by integral theory or Spiral Dynamics, David Hurst gets the importance of context. After all, that is a core contribution of integral theory – identifying the […]
Ian I. Mitroff and Donna D. Mitroff. Fables and the Art of Leadership
Ian I. Mitroff and Donna D. Mitroff. Fables and the Art of Leadership: Applying the Wisdom of Mister Rogers to the Workplace. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. When I see a book written by Ian Mitroff I pay attention. The father of Crisis Management, co-author of Spiritual Guide to Corporate America, critic of the dominance […]
Hilarie Owen, Ed. New Thinking on Leadership: A Global Perspective.
Hilarie Owen, Ed. New Thinking on Leadership: A Global Perspective. Philadelphia: KoganPage, 2012. In this small volume there are contributions from leadership scholars in many parts of the world. There is, indeed, a global perspective to be gained from these chapters, ranging from leadership in schools in China to collaborative approaches to leadership in Latin […]
Mike R. Jay, et al. @F-L-O-W
Barbara N. Brown
Mike R. Jay, et al. @F-L-O-W, Find, Design, Use Talent to Emerge Happiness & Success in a Post-Modern World. NP: @F-L-O-W Publishing, 2012. Barbara N. Brown In his new book, @F-L-O-W, Find, Design, Use Talent to Emerge Happiness & Success in a Post-Modern World, Mike R Jay, an executive coach for 25 years, will start […]
Patricia Leavy, Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research: Using Problem-Centered Methodologies
Patricia Leavy. Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research: Using Problem-Centered Methodologies. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, 2011. There has been a fair amount written about transdisciplinarity in the pages of Integral Leadership Review, but none of it as practical for scholars, innovators and researchers as this guide to the methodologies. Keep in mind that transdisciplinary is about […]
Richard J. Davidson and Sharon Begley. The Emotional Life of your Brain.
Mark Harman
Richard J. Davidson and Sharon Begley. The Emotional Life of your Brain. New York, New York: Hudson Street Press, 2012. Mark Harman, M.D. Current Psychology defines and explains one’s reactions and behaviors to their environment through statistical derivation of observed behavioral patterns. While predictable 70% of the time, these models fall short of an encompassing […]
Michelle Obama and the Business Roundtable
First Lady Michelle Obama Challenges America’s CEOs To Be Bold in Finding Ways to Hire Veterans From a posting by Colleen Curtis March 13, 2013 This issue has an unusual political presence, given the interviews with Terry Patten and Diane Krauthamer, Don Beck and Alfonso Monruori’s columns. Now this Leadership Emerging piece on Michelle […]
Book Reviews
Prasad Kaipa and Navi Radjou. From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading With Wisdom
Russ Volckmann
Prasad Kaipa and Navi Radjou. From Smart to Wise: Acting and Leading with Wisdom. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013. Russ Volckmann In the spirit of full disclosure, the reader should be aware that I have known one of these authors for decades. Not only have we worked together with corporate clients and professional training groups, but […]
Carolyn Kenny and Tina Ngaroimata Fraser (2012). Living Indigenous Leadership: Native Narratives on Building Strong Communities.
Julia Buchanan
Living Indigenous Leadership: Native Narratives on Building Strong Communities: Edited by Carolyn Kenny and Tina Ngaroimata Fraser. Julia Buchanan While pursuing my doctorate, I met a student in a leadership graduate program who was told his understanding of leadership was “incorrect.” When I probed further, I learned that according to him and the teachings of […]
Faisal Hoque. The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success
Felisa Parris
Faisal Hoque, F. The Power of Convergence: Linking Business Strategies and Technology Decisions to Create Sustainable Success. New York: AMA, 2011. Felisa J.Parris Faisal Hoque, a former executive, is the founder and CEO of BTM Corporation. The BTM Corporation specializes in convergence transformative practices and best practices research. In 2008, Hoque was christened “Mr. Convergence” […]
Roger Klev and Morten Levin, Participative Transformation: Learning and Development in Practising Change.
Carlotta Walker
Roger Klev and Morten Levin, Participative Transformation: Learning and Development in Practising Change. England: Gower Publishing Company, 2012 Carlotta S. Walker Introduction Klev and Levin began Participative Transformation by making a clear and concise statement of the intent of their work.  They stated that the aim of their book was to “build a research-supported foundation […]
Transforming Capacity Building and Sustainability into Generativity
Mark McCaslin
Mark McCaslin The original idea I had held for this piece was to begin to engage our readers around the notion of sustainability. Many of you are aware of our ongoing conversations concerning how we sustain the current efforts being made to create the Integral Leadership Review. Before going further I, for one, celebrate the […]